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Candles made from Soy is upfront

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Our SOY CANDLES are Quality

We use biodegradable Soy Candle Bean Wax along with cotton wicks to produce a virtually soot free product.

Our fragrances are premium, meaning they are uncut and free of added "fillers". We test every new fragrance with every glass style to ensure a superb product.

The glass containers we use meet strict ASTM Guidelines as specified by the National Candle Association. Our clear glass Soy Candles are made from seamless glass proudly produced in USA. Why is this important? Some candle companies will pour candles in any glass they can get their hands on. While this may be cost effective for them, it could be very dangerous for you. Not all glass containers are created equal and more importantly not all glass is made to withstand the constant heat of a burning flame! You can rest assured our glasses are made for burning candles, not just drinking juice.

All of our Soy Candles are long lasting and have a subtle aroma, which is a wonderful way to Scent your Life.

Our SOY CANDLES are Exclusive!

Come indulge your senses with our environmentally friendly soy wax candles. Our Exclusive Blends can't be found anywhere but at Candles made from Soy. They have been created and blended exclusively for you!

Our SOY CANDLES are Enviromentally Friendly

Soy LeafDye free Soy Wax Candles are a true hit with our spa clientele, and we're excited to offer Candles made from Soy that are free of dye to all of our customers.

Not only is a dye free soy candle practically the most environmentally friendly soy wax candle you can buy, but they also match any decor or container! Choose our Unscented Soy Candle option for the purest soy candle experience - Perfect for dinner parties, restaurants, hotels or those times when you want the ambiance of soft lighting without a particular scent.

Pair that with our propietary blend of soy wax, beeswax, and palm and you have a 100% natural wax soy candle

Why is that important? We'll let the experts explain it in this recent study where Scientists say burning parrafin candles may be hazardous to your health.

We don't stop there.  Our company has specific "green goals" to help eliminate waste within our company and reduce our Carbon Footprint.

We Pour, You Profit

Our Wholesale Program allows you to share the soy candles you love, and create your own business in the process. Our Private Label Program allows you to customize and brand your very own soy candle line. 

So what are you waiting for?

From Soy Pillars to Tea Lights, Votives to Classic, simple Glass Style Soy Candles it's time to scent yourself, your space, your home... and it's time to Scent your Life!  We would have it no other way.


"I love! My order arrived in less time than anticipated, and I am thoroughly and completely happy with my order.The customer service here is stellar, and the product is absolutely much higher quality than anything I can find locally at a comparable price.Kudos to! I can hardly wait to place my next order." -- Jennifer W.

"First of all, I cannot believe the awesome packing job you of the best I've ever seen! Second, I LOVE the candle (Smoke and Odor Eliminator), it's just wonderful....Yummy! It smells like peppermint, and I have to tell you, my cat is super sensitive to chemical smells, but she didn't react at all to your candle, so that's wonderful. I like the nice thick glass. I've been burning it a lot and there's still a lot left. Is there anyway the odor eliminator candle will be available in different scents in the future?" --Patty S.